Furnace Cleaning Kamloops – How to Tell If Your Ducts Are in Need of a Professional Clean

Furnace Cleaning Kamloops is the process of cleaning the individual furnace components (such as the heat exchanger, blower motor, combustion chamber, burners, fan and more) with high-powered air pressure and an industrial vacuum. The cleaning minimizes debris in the unit, which in turn reduces energy consumption and improves overall efficiency. The furnace cleaning process does not address the ductwork and vents associated with it, so if you need both services performed it’s often best to get them done in tandem, to ensure that indoor contaminants are minimized.

Dirty Ducts

Just like any other modern convenience, your forced air duct system in your Kamloops, BC home requires occasional maintenance to perform at its best. Air ducts build up with dirt, debris, and toxins, and when they’re not properly cleaned, this can lead to poor air quality throughout the house, especially for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma.

The simplest way to tell whether your air ducts Furnace Cleaning Kamloops are in need of a professional cleaning is to pay attention to how much dust is building up on the air duct vents around your home. If you’re noticing excess dust build up on your air vents, this is a sure sign that your ducts are in need of Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services from Ashton-Kamloops as soon as possible!

Another indicator that your ducts are in need of a proper clean is to notice how often you have to change your air filter. If you’re having to change your air filter more frequently than usual, this is a clear indication that your ducts are filled with dirt, debris, and toxins that need to be removed by the professionals at Ashton-Kamloops!

Odd Smells and Foul Odors

Pet dander, cleaning sprays, smoke and other household chemicals can build up in your air ducts over time. These pollutants can produce odd smells and foul odors that will waft through your home’s ventilation system, and eventually make their way into your living spaces. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned from the professionals at Ashton-Kamloops will remove any of these unwanted odors, leaving your home with fresh, clean air!